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Thread: Spinning Server Connection Wheel FIX

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    Info Spinning Server Connection Wheel FIX

    Hey, I think all of us have had the infamous black ops server "spinning wheel of death" as we try to connect or reconnect to the server. I know the server is restarted every AM as a general fix, but why wait until morning to reconnect?

    The fix is simple and involves changing a custom class such as "custom class 1" to something OTHER then it is currently after you have been unable to connect. For me, class 1 is a class I rarely use that is my SMG class and I use for this purpose. I change my gun, maybe a pistol, or what have you- JUST enough that is different then my previous load out and accept as if I'm moving onto my next class. The game SHOULD attempt to update by bringing up the "Downloading Game Settings" via on screen display. This our ticket to ride because now the game has updated and you should be able to connect to the server without waiting until morning for a reset.


    I have a tendency to do this while changing classes because I'm impatient and when I do I will find that my classes show the updated change, but in the server actually show my old load out. Which makes me believe if you do this for our fix it will not work. Why this works? I'm not sure, but us prompting the game to update our players helps us connect to the server as the old us is now different from the new one trying to connect therefore allows us to connect.

    Please sticky?

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    Re: Spinning Server Connection Wheel FIX

    Oh wow. Yes, this definitely deserves a sticky. Thanks @Berlin!

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