The server rent for September will be due no later than Monday, August 19th. The amount we need to raise is $143 thanks to recent donations and the long surplus we had that lasted from January - August.

Some of you are probably wondering why I never posted for many months now, asking for donations for the server rent. The reason for that is we had 2 huge donations that happened in late December. One for $97 from @DREDD and one for $485 from @hawkula (a DPG record for largest donation EVER). On top of this members, regulars, and so on kept donating and as a result we had the longest surplus in DPG history despite not having a whole heck of a lot going on for us other than a strong community who still wants to support these old games such as CoD4, CoD5, and Black Ops 1.

Can say thanks enough to all who donated and who still want to see our clan and community do well, after all these years!!!

For those of you who are new to donating, you can donate 1 of 2 ways. Either through PayPal directly to or
by using this donation link: