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Bojangles's Avatar Bojangles Arizona 06-24-2004 dpgbojangles
Gefecht's Avatar Gefecht North Carolina 06/21/2011 gefecht
HiLLbiLLy's Avatar HiLLbiLLy Kaiserslautern, Germany 04-16-2007 hillbilly84
Kahne's Avatar Kahne Georgia 08/06/2011 zpm
Max][mu$'s Avatar Max][mu$ Arizona 01-23-2002 dpgmaximus
remedy's Avatar remedy Maryland 12-02-2006 muffinman1419  
Studdmuffin's Avatar Studdmuffin Illinois 03-09-2010 knives328

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Bones4War's Avatar Bones4War Pennsylvania 10/03/2011 bones4war
Dren's Avatar Dren California 07/10/2012  
fangs's Avatar fangs New York 01/17/2012 fangs6973
No Avatar Specified killerhrtz Mississippi 08/03/2012  
speedyj69's Avatar speedyj69 United Kingdom 03-11-2010 speedyj68
Xeno's Avatar Xeno New York 01/29/2012 Muxxeno

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$W33TDR3AM$'s Avatar $W33TDR3AM$ Maine 3/16/2014
No Avatar Specified 50CALIBER sw50caliber
ap1's Avatar ap1 1ap1
Apples22's Avatar Apples22 Oklahoma 10-14-2005 korgy
Arbo's Avatar Arbo arbopa  
Archer's Avatar Archer archereh
Azreal's Avatar Azreal Texas 09/24/2012 descendant75
No Avatar Specified ballistic  
No Avatar Specified Barotall Florida 6/15/2015 barotall09  
No Avatar Specified BuzzLightSpeed Michigan 04/19/2012  
Canucks's Avatar Canucks  
CdnGMan's Avatar CdnGMan CdnGMan
Chili.DTW's Avatar Chili.DTW mewquiche
Col.Redfive's Avatar Col.Redfive
ComradeJeff's Avatar ComradeJeff Florida 09/17/2012
cptcrunch's Avatar cptcrunch Ohio 07/21/2012 th642  
No Avatar Specified D!M3YPOO Alaska 2/23/2014
d1rty's Avatar d1rty 02/15/2011 Connecticut pvtdirt
Daisy Duke (DD)'s Avatar Daisy Duke (DD) Florida 1/15/2016
DeadlyBoy's Avatar DeadlyBoy Canada 6/23/2015 Fantomas76  
No Avatar Specified dedfromabove  
DeviL's Avatar DeviL Wisconsin 11/15/2013
No Avatar Specified Devotion Arizona 02-02-2010 fungame24  
Doggie's Avatar Doggie Arizona 12-03-2002 therealubernoob
DreadedOne's Avatar DreadedOne Kansas 05/15/2010 dreadedone509
DREDD's Avatar DREDD Colorado 04/19/2012 dredd2970
Dren's Avatar Dren California 07/10/2012  
No Avatar Specified El_Terrible South Carolina 01/08/2012 elterribledpg  
FearLe$$'s Avatar FearLe$$ California 06-07-2002
Folk's Avatar Folk Illinois 07-02-2003 dpgfolk
FreeLancer's Avatar FreeLancer Australia 4/1/2016  
Gingers Rage's Avatar Gingers Rage
No Avatar Specified Gonzo  
Guedoe's Avatar Guedoe Ohio 08/20/2012 guedoe  
Hammy's Avatar Hammy California 10-24-2009 combathamster
Hawken's Avatar Hawken Ohio 04/20/2011 Hawken
HaZe's Avatar HaZe Louisiana 06-17-2002 dpghaze  
Holy's Avatar Holy Michigan 05/25/2010 holychaos  
Hottie's Avatar Hottie New York 05-06-2008 nyhottie
hydro's Avatar hydro Pennsylvania 04/26/2012  
No Avatar Specified Infamous Maryland 09-02-2002
No Avatar Specified InFLicTioN kiss1satan  
No Avatar Specified jahrista Australia 8/16/2016  
No Avatar Specified khrone Maryland 4/16/2015 chexed
Kildar's Avatar Kildar Georgia 08/03/2012
No Avatar Specified killerhrtz Mississippi 08/03/2012  
KoolaidMan's Avatar KoolaidMan Kansas 03-07-2010 koolaidman21
Kris Arellano's Avatar Kris Arellano California 11/27/2011
Kryoxide's Avatar Kryoxide  
Leo_Chaves's Avatar Leo_Chaves Brazil 03/13/2012 chavesleo491
No Avatar Specified Lethal Texas 02-01-2006 lethal92
LethalXtc's Avatar LethalXtc California 05/06/2010 lethalx  
No Avatar Specified Leuchtend Canada 09/04/2012 leuchtend08  
Lotus's Avatar Lotus Tennessee 12-23-2005 thelotuspod
Mad-Limey's Avatar Mad-Limey Germany 01/17/2012 1madlimey
mau5trap's Avatar mau5trap Connecticut 08/27/2011 troopa55
McGregor's Avatar McGregor murray1617
No Avatar Specified Mishap Michigan 05-20-2004  
MiZeRy2SpArE's Avatar MiZeRy2SpArE mizery2spare  
No Avatar Specified niz nizpliz  
NoToRiOuS NBK's Avatar NoToRiOuS NBK Florida 12-13-2002
No Avatar Specified NTMan California 9/20/2015  
Omaha's Avatar Omaha Maryland 04-15-2002  
No Avatar Specified pacotito pacotito  
PHOENIX500's Avatar PHOENIX500
Pr0cl1v1ty's Avatar Pr0cl1v1ty Texas 07-30-2009 Procl1v1ty
No Avatar Specified Prowler United Kingdom 02/19/2013  
QuezaCotl's Avatar QuezaCotl Netherlands 05-01-2005  
Raptor's Avatar Raptor Arizona 01-23-2002  
RcHE's Avatar RcHE  
Red max's Avatar Red max  
No Avatar Specified RedWizzard Kentucky 6/13/2015  
Robin's Avatar Robin Robin85  
rockit's Avatar rockit California 06/04/2012 510rockit
RodimusPrime's Avatar RodimusPrime rodemusprime
Rotorwash's Avatar Rotorwash Idaho 01/20/2013
No Avatar Specified schony Minnesota 1/03/2012 schony87
Shadow's Avatar Shadow jfwakefield
ShadowDragon's Avatar ShadowDragon Canada 02/08/2013
No Avatar Specified Sharpysharp Canada 05/16/2010 sharpysharp  
SillySamster's Avatar SillySamster Louisiana 3/22/2013 SillySamster
Silverera's Avatar Silverera silverera  
simon's Avatar simon United Kingdom 07/30/2012 simon282  
skyyline005's Avatar skyyline005 prodigy18  
No Avatar Specified SMOKIN South Carolina 12/20/2016  
smouse's Avatar smouse  
Sneaky Pete's Avatar Sneaky Pete Canada 11-05-2002 dpgpete
Special K's Avatar Special K Michigan 01-10-2010 ksteffens24
SquishyYoshi's Avatar SquishyYoshi Hawaii 04/07/2011 Yoshimcleet
Steve Holt!'s Avatar Steve Holt! dpgsteveholt
No Avatar Specified Stewart Michigan 10/03/2011 stewartquattro  
st_mu69's Avatar st_mu69
ThaMule's Avatar ThaMule Tennessee 02-02-2010 thamule
Thunderbolt's Avatar Thunderbolt Netherlands 10-16-2009  
ToxicSweetie's Avatar ToxicSweetie  
No Avatar Specified Tribe33 North Carolina 11/20/2010 Tribe333  
Unique's Avatar Unique Texas 11-07-2006 unique22
Vash's Avatar Vash Illinois 10-25-2004 dpgvash  
No Avatar Specified Vengeance Canada 02-14-2010 hocavenger
Wages's Avatar Wages New York 11/26/2011 wages83
Warblade's Avatar Warblade Minnesota 9/27/2013  
Wesker's Avatar Wesker JaniHuhta
No Avatar Specified Whiskey
ZeroData's Avatar ZeroData Maryland 11-14-2006  
Zod1's Avatar Zod1 ekfzod
No Avatar Specified Zorcmsr5  

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No Avatar Specified 75_Ranger Florida 08/13/2012 75ranger2bt  
No Avatar Specified Abraham Canada 11/3/2011 abrah4m  
No Avatar Specified afflicti0n Texas 11-07-2006  
No Avatar Specified Agitator1 Ohio 03-31-2010 Agitator1  
No Avatar Specified ANGIIIEEE New York 09/10/2012 angiiieee  
No Avatar Specified Anubis Arizona 02-14-2007  
avroarrow71's Avatar avroarrow71 Canada 03-23-2006
No Avatar Specified BBD17  
No Avatar Specified BigDogg Florida 11-15-2002 dpgbigdogg  
No Avatar Specified biogenecis Netherlands 10-07-2006 Biogenecis  
No Avatar Specified Blaze Canada 10/10/2012 Gruumock  
No Avatar Specified BuDLoVeR  
caneman13's Avatar caneman13 Illinois 01-26-2006 caneman13
No Avatar Specified CharlieDontSurf Texas 02-27-2008  
No Avatar Specified Creat1v1ty Texas 05-15-2009 Creat1v1ty  
FAKK-2's Avatar FAKK-2 Colorado 7/06/2012  
No Avatar Specified Fatman Germany 07/02/2012 1headhunterz  
No Avatar Specified Flak kraut138  
No Avatar Specified FOLKSTER Canada 05/10/2012 folkster  
No Avatar Specified GrannysGotAGun Indiana 03/19/2012 whereyaheadin  
No Avatar Specified Hellslady Norway 11/11/2012 hellslady  
No Avatar Specified HeyMoe Texas 06/27/2012  
No Avatar Specified Howie17 Ohio 04/24/2010 Howie17  
No Avatar Specified Hulk Georgia 12/22/2012 satofu  
No Avatar Specified JMoneY Ohio 02-02-2010 jasonscodxfire  
juliano_arbo's Avatar juliano_arbo Brasil 05/30/2012 julianoarbo  
No Avatar Specified Kingfish Ohio 09-03-2009 jacobfisher  
No Avatar Specified Kinitec Canada 01/16/2013  
No Avatar Specified kRD  
No Avatar Specified LKalavera Brazil 11/18/2010 LKalavera  
No Avatar Specified Lowlife85  
No Avatar Specified Miles steelhead303  
No Avatar Specified Mr. Snickers adoriortus  
No Avatar Specified Mr.3Some The Netherlands 05/30/2012 mr3some  
No Avatar Specified musikk Maine 3/15/2014 musikk01  
No Avatar Specified n0n@m3 Arizona 02-06-2010  
No Avatar Specified Necro necromancerofsin  
Nos!'s Avatar Nos!  
No Avatar Specified Nova California 06-23-2007 basanova  
No Avatar Specified Phoenixx Cali 12/23/2013  
No Avatar Specified Prjctarchangel New York 02/23/2014  
Reed's Avatar Reed Oklahoma 07-01-2005  
No Avatar Specified Ricin North Carolina 10/01/2011 Lairdprydae  
No Avatar Specified sadshiba New York 2/23/2014  
No Avatar Specified Scout Kansas 12/25/2013  
No Avatar Specified sdrawkcab Texas 02/15/2012  
No Avatar Specified ShIZo* Germany 07/01/2012 dpgshizo  
No Avatar Specified shotgun1987  
SrReyes's Avatar SrReyes srreyes  
No Avatar Specified Staples Texas 06-20-2006
No Avatar Specified tapper Illinois 05/02/2012 Danieltfort  
tehkiler's Avatar tehkiler Texas 01-15-2003  
No Avatar Specified Tornador  
No Avatar Specified uMbRaNoX Netherlands 01/03/2013 umbranox  
No Avatar Specified WallEyE Michigan 07-27-2010 1walleye1  
No Avatar Specified wicked Maine 10/13/2011 mewicked  
No Avatar Specified WolvenRaider Michigan 01/01/2011 kingwolf1  
No Avatar Specified ziyizhang ziyizhang