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  • Berlin's Avatar
    03-25-2020, 03:24 PM
    Berlin started a thread Admin in Call of Duty: BO
    Can I please be granted the access to kick fools that cannot play this game at a mature level? I am tired of playing mid day with idiots that cannot...
    7 replies | 165 view(s)
  • Berlin's Avatar
    03-12-2020, 03:23 PM
    Its quite frustrating honestly. Exception goes out to the players like bring that are from areas like western EU or UK. I played with one from...
    3 replies | 207 view(s)
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About Berlin
Been playing PC games since release of Half Life in '98 at 8 years old. Much of my jump into FPS play came from my uncles' taste in video games which were all FPS at the time. He owned his own up and coming computer business. His warehouse would be the site of mini LAN parties on various weekends. He helped finance my first gaming PC and later helped introduce me into the PC world of gaming as well as building a computer. I would eventually branch off from the twitch shooters Quake and Unreal to RTS games. I owe a lot of what I know to this guy..

So my history stretches multiple ,multiple platforms and games-Kotor, Serious Sam, Far Cry, and Lord of the Rings RPG's. I also played an untold amount of hours with Playstation 2 games like Soldier of Fortune, Red Fraction, Unreal Tournament, and SOCOM. I was exposed to BF2142 to which i played knife only servers for a time before transitioning to my first call of duty experience that left me hooked. Cod4 was crack. In a short time I had 6.6k hours of time devoted to this game in a few short years. This game consumed my practically 80% of my HS years. My first real gaming clan was IIWW3II which would move on to be Wolf Pack Clan and move back to BF2142 Titan mode. From here I departed and joined another COD4 clan called Forgotten US. Though I would leave and become inactive for a time because my now upset parents were not happy with how I was using my free time. My gaming time got cut way down. I would try W@W later that year for a time which I loved more than Cod4, but by the time I got back to it the scene was pretty much dead..I was discouraged as well because previous cod4 friends were now absent and W@W friends left for other games I didn't care for. With college looming I left gaming all together. I returned at the release of Black Ops (although I'm not sure why) though not to play until January as the game was unplayable on my AMD hardware. I came back with new gear (which this game is heavily dependent on) and played my heart out finding some extremely talent and weird though funny individuals I called friends playing for Marksmen Ministries. They later evolved into .endgame// a cod clan that took TWL by storm and held every ladder 1# spot for HC game modes for a time before retiring. A huge victory for us all and something I am proud of to this day. I returned to play for Dream Team, DT|, and Game Over Quebec, Qc`, winning yet again another Snd season to which I called it quits. I pug'd now and again, but was preoccupied with university and women lol. I graduated nursing school, went to work, and left this "history" of mine for 3 years until I decided to build my own PC (again). And then have off and on played various games ever since along with newer, #$%er versions of cod that just can't beat the old in my opinion, but Black Ops be my favorite. So there ya have it!

:edited because I have terrible writing skills :(
Registered Nurse CCU
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