• Studdmuffin

    by Published on 04-01-2011 07:33 AM  Number of Views: 3030 

    Ladder/League: TWL BO: 5v5 Barebones S&D League
    Map: WMD (Week 5)
    Score: 13-11
    Players: @remedy, @Studdmuffin, @Flak, @Holy, @Vash
    Comments: This map sucked on offense. We had to rely on getting a couple rounds here and there and then win out on D. Remedy rocked it out the last couple rounds for the win. Holy, Flak, and Vash put them in their place. I on the other hand couldn't get into the grove on this map . Also don't forget their one man team lol.
    by Published on 02-18-2011 08:05 PM  Number of Views: 1541 

    Ladder/League: TWL BO: 5v5 Barebones S&D Ladder
    Map: Villa
    Score: 13 - 8
    Players: @Studdmuffin, @Vash, @Flak, @Hottie, @Holy
    Comments: Good job everyone. In the beginning of the match it went back and fourth. We started to pull ahead and kept it like that. Flak had an amazing 3v1 clutch, too bad their last teammate couldn't aim and flak turned on him. Vash had a 1v1 defuse for round 12 and I myself had a 1v2 defuse clutch for round 13. Hottie distracted them while Holy killed them a lot.
    by Published on 01-30-2011 06:51 PM  Number of Views: 871 

    Ladder/League: Alienware: 5v5 CTF Tournament
    Map: Jungle
    Score: 8-2
    Players: @Studdmuffin, @Vash, @Flak, @Holy, @remedy
    Comments:We are one step closer in this tournament. Everyone did what needed to be done. On the SOG side we had Vash and myself on offense and Flak, Holy and Remedy on defense because the spawns on this side are just bad. They spawn you in the river away from your flag giving the other team a clear shot at the flag but, we had shut them down. On the NVA side We went to the standard 3 offense and 2 defense. We got their spawn on lock down and was able to chain run their flag a couple times. We were able to capitalize on this spawn for the win.
    by Published on 07-19-2010 04:12 PM  Number of Views: 1622 

    Ladder/League: TWL BC2: 6v6 Infantry Only Rush
    Map: Arica Harbor
    Score: 2-0
    Players: Remedy, Pete, Doggie, Proclivity, Vash, Studdmuffin, Yoshara
    Comments: Our first BC2 win. Woot! First match we were down a man and were doing very well in the begining. Then in the mid of the match we were down 120 to 240 tickets and came back to tie and get the lead. Then we lost 0-40 tickets. The match was not a loss though, due to them using a UAV and a Carl Gustav which are illegal. The second match we played 2 men down. We were doing very well. They gained the lead for awhile. We were able to adapt and cap 2 and hold it for the lead and keep it till 100 - 140 or so tickets. They then were able to get us on lock down and cap all 3. The score ended up being 15 - 93 tickets when Proclivity and Remedy joined. We all rushed the bases, came back to cap all 3 and win 5 - 0 tickets.