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Conversation Between Max][mu$ and Pr0cl1v1ty

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  1. ProCLIViteh! Miss u as well buddy.
  2. MAXIVITEHHHHH, I miss you
  3. Lol nice rhymes.
  4. Short rap is what I call this beat
    Rap that rap like no one else
    I'm sir too short all by myself
    I make fresh raps without your help
    And all I want is fame and wealth
    Smooth in the game, just like that
    And all you hear me say is rap
  5. Pr0cliviteh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Maxivitehhhhhh!!!!!
  7. lol wow tyler way to steal a rhyme and change little words.
  8. did hottie just say jadakiss rapes people!!?!?!?!

    nice song
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