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    Re: Benermadix's Ban Appeal from the Call of Duty - Black Ops server

    It was a temporary ban by the server itself for too many team kills in a short period of time. We all get that on occasion

    Dren Today, 12:56 PM Go to last post

    Benermadix's Ban Appeal from the Call of Duty - Black Ops server

    Ban AppealWhat is your in-game name?
    6X29K PR5D470R Which DPG server were you banned from?
    Call of Duty - Black Ops Who was the Admin that banned you?
    I don't know Do you know why you were...

    Benermadix Today, 11:41 AM Go to last post

    Re: ElementsElements's Ban Appeal from the Call of Duty - Black Ops server

    The audacity here is unreal. This guy doesn't care, but hopes you all forgot in the process.


    Berlin Today, 07:28 AM Go to last post

    Re: Ban list

    Yeah his logs are full of Hackusation warnings / kicks / temp bans. He has has a few 7 day, a 2 week. Guess it is time to go for 1 month see if he gets his head dislodged from his #@$

    Dren Yesterday, 11:05 AM Go to last post

    Re: Ban list

    Slv 59 cz warned on several different occasions to stop polluting chat with 'hackusations' and player complaints. Slv has received several warnings to stop before a kick was used and even after these...

    Berlin Yesterday, 10:02 AM Go to last post
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  • DPG Expands Into Insurgency

    As many of you know, DPG hasn't had an official main game for quite some time. Yes, we should be thankful that we have 6 popular servers such as the CoD4 HC TDM, CoD4 Zombies, CoD5 HC CTF, MW2 HC TDM (Repz version), BlackOps HC TDM server, and our new Insurgency server.

    However, the problem is even though we have a few people playing each of these games, as a clan we haven't had a newer style of game that most of us could agree on.

    A few years ago, I thought that game was going to be CS:GO. The excitement lasted 2 weeks if that and everyone for the most part gave up on the project. Some contributing factors were that we didn't have a popular server and a lot of members (not all) didn't like the idea that you couldn't zoom in with your weapon when you right clicked like how you could with CoD4.

    As a result a lot of us went back to playing what we wanted to play with our own little groups whether it was League of Legends, Titanfall, War Thunder, and of course the CoD4 HC TDM/CTF server. There was nothing wrong with that and there is still nothing wrong with that. However, the problem that remains is that we as a clan and a community for that matter need a game that will be our main game. I am not stating that we all have to play this game everyday (unless you want to lol) but, what I am saying is that we need a newer style game that is an FPS game to bring us together at least once or twice or more per week.

    That game my friends is Insurgency!

    Why Insurgency? Well, because this game has all the features you would want and ask for in a PC driven FPS game. It has the following:

    • 100% true dedicated server support
    • Mod tools to make mods and maps
    • ESL league for competitive league and ladder matches (something that has been absent in DPG since the last winter league hosted by @Bojangles in CoD4) http://www.eslgaming.com/
    • Runs on the CS:GO engine

    On top of the above reasons, this game has the feel of CoD4, but with better graphics and realism and to put the icing on the cake, for a little over 1 month straight now, I have worked very hard to get us a popular server that includes B3 and Echelon (Thanks Bo for B3 and Echelon).

    This server has been ranked as high as 7th overall and is currently ranked 9th. http://www.gametracker.com/server_in....182.74:23113/

    I have a method of keeping this server popular and will continue to make sure that it stays popular for hopefully many more months and hopefully years to come!

    For years, DPG for whatever reason would get excited to get into a brand new game like CoD4 for instance, but for w/e reason we were not able to get a popular server for the new games and for w/e reason would get a popular server after the game was out for a couple of years. This game is still somewhat new and continues to hold its own with support and updated content from its developers and members of its community who are actively making mods and maps for Insurgency's steam workshop.

    Best of all, this game isn't $60 plus more money for $15 DLC map packs that nobody plays. This game is only $15 on Steam:


    This game is incredibly addictive. A few nights ago, I lost track of time and was playing this for 7 hours straight! @Arbo, @hydro, @Leuchtend, and @Xeno have the game and love it! If you have this game and haven't tried it yet, give it a legitimate try! 20 minutes won't do it. Try it out for at least an hour or two.

    DPG is growing, but it is slowly growing. I am hoping with a new "main game" if you will that we can once again have some things that have been missing which would be a surge in recruitment, competitive game play, donations, and a boost in overall clan interest.

    Last, CoD4 is a great game, but the game has been out since November of 2007!!! We have been playing that game for 7 and a half years and have had a popular server for that game since August of 2009 (with nw4mp since September of 2011). It is time that we had another game come along to bring us all together and that game should be Insurgency! The last time in reality was probably CoD2.

    Hope to see you playing some Insurgency! We have everything set up to make this thing work. We just need some people to commit and spread the word. Hope to see many of you on board!
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