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    Re: Alx_AA's Application

    Welcome and good luck with your application. Be sure to frequent teamspeak often as Max pointed out.

    Xeno Yesterday, 09:06 PM Go to last post

    Re: Alx_AA's Application

    Oh man oh man! It has been a very long time indeed! I remember last chatting with you on AIM a long time ago. I also remember your Dad aka Fadster was in DPG a long time ago as well. He was a...

    Max][mu$ Yesterday, 12:00 AM Go to last post

    Re: Sangone's Ban Appeal from the Call of Duty: MW2 server

    I am not finding your in game name in any of the game logs.

    Call of Duty: MW2
    That particular server we shut down 2 years ago after the backend providers got hit with a bunch of legal papers.

    Dren 08-19-2019, 08:48 PM Go to last post

    Sangone's Ban Appeal from the Call of Duty: MW2 server

    Ban AppealWhat is your in-game name?
    Sangone Which DPG server were you banned from?
    Call of Duty: MW2 Who was the Admin that banned you?
    I dont know Do you know why you were banned?

    Sangone 08-19-2019, 07:18 PM Go to last post

    Alx_AA's Application

    Application to join DPGWill you be an active member of DPG?
    Yes Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a Microphone?
    Yes What gaming name do you go by?
    DubCityLife Do you have Steam? If so, list your...

    Alx_AA 08-19-2019, 05:25 PM Go to last post
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  • Finals: Blame Canada vs. G-Spot Popperz

    Here we go.. the finale of the DPG CoD4 Winter League 2014! We've got the #1 seed and undefeated Blame Canada facing off against the #2 seed G-Spot Popperz.

    Both teams have fought hard this season and had to overcome strong competition in the semi-finals to get here. Blame Canada beat Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies on the tie-breaker map of Toujane after losing on Crossfire and winning on Strike.

    G-Spot Popperz beat Triple X in a close contest also on Toujane after winning on Overgrown and losing on Crash.

    These teams faced each other in Week 6 on Vacant, with the Canadians coming away with the victory, 13-7. However, G-Spot was missing the #1 draft pick in the league, @D!M3YPOO. Will he make the difference this time and bring it home for @Hottie & Co.? Or will @Vengeance and @Sharpysharp put @Folk on their shoulders and praise him as their glorious leader?

    Match time/date: TBD

    Map #1 (G-Spot's pick): Crash
    Map #2 (Blame Canada's pick): Strike
    Map #3 (Tiebreaker): Carentan

    This will be a great matchup to watch, good luck to both teams!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Finals: Blame Canada vs. G-Spot Popperz started by Bojangles View original post
    Comments 29 Comments
    1. Hottie's Avatar
      Hottie -
      @Folk if u get knifed by me. i will be getting paied. tyvm
    1. AndrewRyan's Avatar
      AndrewRyan -
      Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    1. st_mu69's Avatar
      st_mu69 -
      when will be the match?

      please not saturday or sunday PLEASE
    1. Vengeance's Avatar
      Vengeance -
      Looking like friday or saturday, but still unconfirmed. You can always watch the shoutcast afterwards ...or before hand if you have a time machine that allows the transferring of data amidst the time travelling
    1. ap1's Avatar
      ap1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Folk View Post
      No joke this will be a close one to call. Good luck every1
      I'll call it, G-Spot Popperz for the win.
    1. Hottie's Avatar
      Hottie -
      FINALLY we got this match scheduled...

      Saturday at 7 30 pm est.

      Stay tuned peeeps and give mad shutouts. Break my record
    1. Folk's Avatar
      Folk -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hottie View Post
      FINALLY we got this match scheduled...

      Saturday at 7 30 pm est.

      Stay tuned peeeps and give mad shutouts. Break my record
    1. DeviL's Avatar
      DeviL -
      I'll have to stay off the forums until I get back from Minnesota. I want to see the cast and be surprised. Lol

      Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
    1. Vash's Avatar
      Vash -
      Sorry in 2, crash strats too op