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    Application has been denied.


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    Re: miller's Application

    Wait a minute. Did you use to go by the name of Millertime? If so, wow been a long time man. Where you been?

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    Re: Cod4 activity

    Of all the servers we ever had, the CoD4 HC TDM server had the longest run. From literally August of 2009 - summer of 2015 it was pretty active. Then after that it started to lose traffic. The only...

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    Application to join DPGWill you be an active member of DPG?
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    miller Do you have Steam? If so, list your account...

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    Hi DPG...the COD4 server does not seem to have activity as in the past. Any insights?

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  • DPG Presents: CoD4 League Season 2 - The Winter League

    Fresh off the success of our first ever DPG league, I've decided to get us going for another one. I know I had kicked around the idea of us doing CoD2, but unfortuanately I don't believe the interest is there for us to do this and have consistant attendance. Sad.. but hey, at least we get to play SOMETHING

    So without further delay, I present to you:

    DPG CoD4 S&D Winter League!

    Now, for the details (some of these can be up for discussion..)

    - 5v5 League
    - 6 players per team
    - 6 teams minimum, but I am hoping we can field 8 this time!
    - This league will be 6 weeks in length.. a little shorter due to something important happening in March (wink, wink)
    - Live draft of the teams that everyone can watch on my stream
    - Same rules will apply as for the last league (see the rules here: http://www.thadpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18138)
    - I am possibly looking to have 6+ brand new captains take the stage and lead the way
    - Every match will be shoutcasted by yours truly and @MISTERoldShadow or a special guest shoutcaster!
    - Sixx will not be playing, again. lol..
    - League schedule is as follows:

    • Sign-ups close Friday, January 3rd
    • Live Draft will be week of January 6th-10th
    • Week 1 will be week of January 20th-24th
    • Week 6 (last regular season week) will be week of February 24th-28th
    • Playoffs will be the weeks of March 3rd-7th and March 10th-14th

    I thought about starting the league right now in a few weeks, but with the holidays coming up on us.. it just wouldn't work as we'd have to take like a 2 week break on the league and I would hate for that to cause people to not play in the future.

    @Vengeance I need to speak with you as I have a little project you and I can do for the live draft

    I will be posting the sign-up thread in the next day in the CoD4 forum and it will be linked here. For now.. you guys can post comments about the league, i.e. what you are looking forward to, what you would like to see be done differently, etc.

    Also, if you are interested in being a captain for a team, please let me know. I have a few people in mind, but would love to see those people step up and want to do it. Ask any of the previous 6 captains.. it takes a special person to do it correctly!

    As always, I organize this stuff for you guys to have a great time and also to get to know other DPG you might not otherwise hangout with. Let's keep this in mind for the league and have a fun time this upcoming season!

    Official Sign-up Thread is here: http://www.thadpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18954
    This article was originally published in forum thread: DPG Presents: CoD4 League Season 2 - The Winter League started by Bojangles View original post
    Comments 59 Comments
    1. Hottie's Avatar
      Hottie -
      starting the year with a bang!!!! i likez ittt.

      lets make it happen!!!
    1. Pr0cl1v1ty's Avatar
      Pr0cl1v1ty -
      I'm down
    1. Folk's Avatar
      Folk -
      I'm in
    1. [_$_(1)_$_]'s Avatar
      [_$_(1)_$_] -
    1. Vengeance's Avatar
      Vengeance -
      Sounds fun. I definitely am interested. Im getting married Dec.28, and honeymoon was planning to be late feb/early march, but it hasnt been fully arranged yet, so I could maybe push it to end of march.

      +1 to another league! woot!
    1. Bones4War's Avatar
      Bones4War -
      Count me and my silenced M4 to be there.
    1. st_mu69's Avatar
      st_mu69 -
      can team crayola can be the team to beat?

      Crayola FTW!!!!
    1. Bojangles's Avatar
      Bojangles -
      Quote Originally Posted by st_mu69 View Post
      can team crayola can be the team to beat?

      Crayola FTW!!!!
      No, we will have all new teams lol.
    1. Sharpysharp's Avatar
      Sharpysharp -
      Sounds good!
    1. Sneaky Pete's Avatar
      Sneaky Pete -
      Have fun!
    1. Unique's Avatar
      Unique -
    1. remedy's Avatar
      remedy -
      disappointed theres no cod2, but happy that theres at least something!


      i also accidentally read this as "DPG The movie 2"

      wishful thinking.
    1. HiLLbiLLy's Avatar
      HiLLbiLLy -
      I will talk to you on TS Bo when I return... On some thoughts, this serves as a reminder in case I forget before I return! I'm in also.
    1. Gefecht's Avatar
      Gefecht -
      Sure, why not, then again, why. Ahh **** it, sure.
    1. Martian's Avatar
      Martian -
      im in
    1. SquishyYoshi's Avatar
      SquishyYoshi -
      Count me in!
    1. Whiskey's Avatar
      Whiskey -
      The whiskey will be I this one, so easy spawn nade kills for all!
    1. Max][mu$'s Avatar
      Max][mu$ -
      Was really hoping for a CoD2 league. All people would of had to do is download the game and play on a private server that was cracked and then get a head count of everyone who would be committed to it.

      Anyways, this should be fun again. I will be available as a sub/6th man like last time.

      Thanks for hosting this as usual Bo.
    1. RcHE's Avatar
      RcHE -
      I'm in!
    1. Studdmuffin's Avatar
      Studdmuffin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
      Sounds fun. I definitely am interested. Im getting married Dec.28, and honeymoon was planning to be late feb/early march, but it hasnt been fully arranged yet, so I could maybe push it to end of march.

      +1 to another league! woot!
      This guy getting married and not telling us! Congratz!