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  • America's Army: Proving Grounds

    A good group of you guys already have got this game and for those who do have it you all seem to enjoy playing it. So far I haven't seen a single person who is not enjoying it.

    Right now for me this is my favorite game that I play.

    Best of all it is free!!! You can get it off of Steam.

    Check out this video of the gameplay. Its a slower paced modern warfare theme game that has an emphasis on tactical movement. Needless to say the game has a lot of replay-ability and fun factor.

    I hate to say it, but its more fun than some CoD games that costs $60 plus $15 for DLC.

    DPG has 2 servers for this already thanks to @Kahne.

    They are:

    DPG Chicago Server 1
    (12 slot server)

    DPG Chicago Server 2
    (24 slot server)

    I have made a B3 request for this game on the official B3 forums. Hopefully we can get some support for this soon, but in the mean time there is in an in game admin panel, and I also have a way to ghetto rig PB to do auto pb announcements possibly like I did a long time ago with CoD2, but will have to get with Khane in regards to that.

    So come at least tryout this game! You have nothing to lose other than a little hard drive space, and time since it won't cost you a penny!

    See you on the servers!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: America's Army: Proving Grounds - DPG Servers started by Max][mu$ View original post
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    1. Chili.DTW's Avatar
      Chili.DTW -
      Free games are awesome!
      no need to worry about the money!

      It's a different game type, but who doesn't want to try out new games?
      I like how they did something their own (:
      I like the game even though it's something I will learn how to play wohoo! (good for me being a quick learner)
    1. HiLLbiLLy's Avatar
      HiLLbiLLy -
      I enjoyed it with the crowd I played with yesterday. Dat Aim... Is something to get used to though lol
    1. Bones4War's Avatar
      Bones4War -
      Awesome game! We had plenty of players in one of our servers already. As several have said it feels like a cross between COD and CS. Download it and hop in!
    1. ThaMule's Avatar
      ThaMule -
      I played the night before last and had a blast. Gonna be playing today as well. Hope some of yall hop on to play.
    1. Bojangles's Avatar
      Bojangles -
      You'll see me on there from time to time.

      It is exciting to see us get into a couple of new games for just messing around and pubbing (AA and Chivalry).
    1. st_mu69's Avatar
      st_mu69 -
      downloading it at the time ...
    1. Apples22's Avatar
      Apples22 -
      Well this is not at all the same Americas Army I remember back in the day and loved. It has turned into another modern arcade fps compared to the very tactical and team oriented AA of old. However its still pretty fun and its free so I can't complain. Everyone should definitely give it a try and play on our two fantastic DPG servers!
    1. fangs's Avatar
      fangs -
      what everyone should remember this game IS still in beta and it will be having at least a few more makeovers before thier done!!!!! so as far as the game goes im loving it and cant wait to see what they add after the beta version. if you have any doubts about free games just download it and try it out if you dont like it ehhh whatever no loss!!!!!!
    1. Silverera's Avatar
      Silverera -
      Downloading, looks awesome. C:
    1. chooberson's Avatar
      chooberson -
      i thoroughly enjoy the game actually
    1. RodimusPrime's Avatar
      RodimusPrime -
      AA is where it all started for me..... lets get it on....not that im any good....
    1. Special K's Avatar
      Special K -
      I actually like the game a lot.

      And it has allowed me a game to play with Maximus more than just once. For he first time ever.
    1. Whiskey's Avatar
      Whiskey -
      Love the game, I especially love the fact it has brought players from different games and gametypes in DPG together to enjoy the same thing ( or in my small time I've been here :P)
    1. Bojangles's Avatar
      Bojangles -
      Both servers are now on our Servers page!

    1. Kahne's Avatar
      Kahne -
      Additionally, Since to this point, No AA games have ever had B3 via rcon. I have officially Asked for This RCON system to be added for everybody's benefit.

    1. Guedoe's Avatar
      Guedoe -
      Not too fond of this version, too much like counter strike except on the unreal engine :/
    1. Max][mu$'s Avatar
      Max][mu$ -
      Quote Originally Posted by Special K View Post
      I actually like the game a lot.

      And it has allowed me a game to play with Maximus more than just once. For he first time ever.
    1. Showtiime's Avatar
      Showtiime -
      umm is it for the MAC?
    1. Kahne's Avatar
      Kahne -
      Quote Originally Posted by Showtiime View Post
      umm is it for the MAC?

      What's a mac.... Mac and cheese??
    1. Special K's Avatar
      Special K -
      Quote Originally Posted by Max][mu$ View Post
      . Man love