• History of DPG



    January 23rd, 2002 - MOHAA is Released. The Murderers are born. - by Maximus

    On January 23rd, 2002 MOHAA is officially released to the world. I invite my neighbor named Matt Coberley over to play on my other computer. We start playing MOHAA for hours upon hours. During this time I go by the name of []V[]aX][[]V[]u$ and he goes by the name of The }2apto}2. After about 4 hours of gaming we see that other people are playing MOHAA, but in clans. We think the whole clan thing seems kinda cool, but don't know what to call ourselves so I tell Matt that we will call ourselves The Murderers and our tags will be written in Quake 3 language as:


    At the time I never thought our clan would really take off so I didn't give much thought about a more serious name. I just thought it would sound hardcore to kill some dudes with a name like that. Also, I was a fan of the rap group "The Murderers" so I selected the name.

    Raptor and I start sporting our full gamer name along with our clan tag which looked like this at the time:

    []V[]aX][[]V[]u$ []V[]u|2|)e|2

    }2apto}2 []V[]u|2|)e|2

    After gaming it up on multiple EA pub servers we came across some people who seemed pretty cool who wanted to join our clan. I would tell them over and over how to correctly wear our tags, but it was a mess for the most part. I think we had only a couple of people who figured out how to display our tags correctly. It was so un-uniformed that it really didn't even look like we were a clan at all. There was so much confusion that people in our clan would call us Team Murder instead of "The Murderers". So instead of having one clan name we all of the sudden had two.

    For the next few days Raptor would get home from school and since he was no longer playing sports because his right hand was broke and in a cast he had nothing better to do then come over to my house to play video games. After a few days his status of "neighbor" turned into an actual friendship and we then continued to play nothing but Medal of Honor: Allied Assault when I was home from work and when he was home from school.

    Early February, 2002 - Our Clan Name Is Changed - by Maximus

    In early February of 2002 I inform Raptor that it seems like nobody can get our clan tag right at all. He agrees with me and as a result I end up changing our clan name from The Murderers []V[]u|2|)e|2 to a much more simple |DPG|. I named our clan after one of my favorite West Coast hip hop groups which is DPG who are Tha Dogg Pound Gangstas. Again, not thinking much of it and having no idea that it would be the beginning of many more things to come.

    Late February, 2002 - Lost Members & 1st |DPG| Recruit - by Maximus

    Shortly after the name change it becomes more and more obvious that we are losing members because we have no way of keeping track of them. Sure its great to have people join our clan, but what good is it if we cannot get ahold of our members again to game it up?! I then decide that some sort of instant messaging program is going to be an absolute must and whoever we recruit from here on out must have AOL Instant Messanger (AIM) if they want to join |DPG|. Raptor and I then host a free for all server on my 3rd computer called |DPG| Clan Tryouts. Nobody really shows up for a while so me and Matt just shoot the crap out of eachother. Finally after about 20 minutes some guy named KillerSoundz shows up and seems interested in joining DPG. However, he has got to be the worst player who to this day has ever played an FPS game, but Raptor and I think "Oh what the heck" and we recruit him despite him being the world's worst player. KillerSoundz then informs us that he does indeed use AIM and will add us to his friend's list. The first |DPG| AIM list is created along with its 1st official recruit!

    Early March, 2002 - 1st ever Co-Leader - By Maximus

    March roles around and I really need somebody to help me run our small clan of about 15 members. I post a Help Wanted ad on modtheater.com letting people know that |DPG| is recruiting and that I am also looking for somebody who I can trust to help me run DPG. Somebody who has had leadership experience. After about 2 days I get a response from a guy by the name of Dachande informing me that he has ran some clans before. I contemplate having other current members such as Raptor help me with running things, but at the time he appears to just want to play and seems a little more interested in dating my next door neighbor at the time in which I notice he isn't over playing MOHAA as much. I then PM Dachande back informing him that I have selected him to be the co-leader of DPG. He then informs me that that we should have ranks and that our ranking structure should be based off of the Army. I then agree with him and become |DPG|(4*Gen.)[]V[]ax][[]V[]u$.

    Mid March, 2002 - God's Foot Soldier, Vlad, & Crabbit - By Maximus

    During this time I am hosting a dedicated server off of my 2nd computer. My internet is only 512kbps up, but for some reason I can host 10 players without lag. Raptor starts coming over a little more often again and we notice that random pubs start playing on our server that for the most part is TDM on Remegan. Then after switching it to a custom map called "Sherman Hunt" on the Objective gametype we come across a couple of players who would later on play a huge role in DPG. God's Foot Soldier, Vlad, and Crabbit. All 3 guys seem very cool and are always playing on my little home dedicated server as the hours go by. Later that night I recruit them. From here days would go by and they would always be on AIM wanting to play. Along with Raptor they become the most active in DPG.

    Late March, 2002 - God's Foot Soldier Becomes a 3*General - By Maximus
    God's Foot Soldier (or Foot as we would call him) informs me that he would like to help out with recruiting. At the time I see that besides me he is the most active in DPG and shows the most interest in helping out with stuff. I then promote him to 3*General.

    April 15th 2002 - The Recruitment of Omaha! - By Maximus

    I am informed by Foot that Dachande was on a 24/7 Omaha Beach server and that he had recruited a person who goes by the name of Omaha Bin Ladin. "Omaha Bin Ladin?!", I said to Foot. Foot then informed me that its just a wierd joke, but the guy is really cool. Foot ended up being right! Omaha did indeed end up being cool as hell and is still in DPG to this day! He may be a forum rat now-a-days, but none the less he has supported DPG over many years. Omaha would end up being Dachande's first and only recruit.

    April 20th 2002 - The Recruitment of Meister! - By Maximus

    Meister, pictured here:

    comes onto a server that I started called: |DPG| Sniper Valley 24/7. I then end up recruiting him and his good friend LeCkMyDeCk. Later on we would just refer to him as Leck for short. Meister would then go on to be the most active person in DPG for most of 2002 and part of 2003. Now-a-days he can be found on our forums, but only once in a while. Come back Meister! We miss you buddy! Here is a screenshot of the day he was recruited:

    Sometime in May 2002 - The Recruitment of Will Fix - By Maximus

    Foot calls me up on the phone while im on my lunch break at work to inform me that he has recruited a guy by the name of Will Fix. He states that like himself Will Fix is a Godly man and he thinks it would be great if he joined DPG and promises that I will like the guy. I later on talk to Will Fix on Roger Wilco and we end up clicking it right off the bat.

    Early June, 2002 - Too many recruits. Not a big enough server - By Maximus

    |DPG| has grown very large. So large that we all of the sudden have at least 20 people on. The problem ends up being that my little server that I host from home can only host up to 10 players. If I put it at 11 the pings shoot up to 999 and everyone lags out. A few days go by and the problem remains... too many active people and not enough bandwith to host them all. I then see if anyone else in DPG has a better internet connection and I find out that they all have crappy DSL or have cable, but not as good as mine. After about 4 hours of searching I find a 32 slot server in Chino, CA called, The Dead Pool. It happens to be a dedicated server hosted at somebody's place of business on an OC-48 connection. The reason why I chose this server is because it has callvoting enabled and the overall public at the time didn't seem to know how to use console commands for call votes. I soon find out that it has call vote commands for kicking, map changes, g_gametype changes; etc. I tell all of DPG to start making this server their home and we then quickly adopt it as our own official server. Before we came I saw based off of stats that hardly anyone played on it. Not even the admin himself was ever on. We end up making it an Objective/Round based server. We end up making this server one of the most popular servers in MOHAA from June of 2002 - September 2002. It becomes so popular that people identify it as our own official server. We end up getting massive amount of recruits from it during this time. So much that people even think that |DPG| stands for The Dead Pool Gangstas. We let people think w/e they want. It didn't bother us one single bit.

    Mid June, 2002 - God's Foot Soldier leaves |DPG| and creates his own clan called #SeX - By Maximus

    God's Foot Soldier contacts me on the phone to inform me that he thinks that |DPG| has gotten wayyyy too big (100+ members at this time) and that he has decided to create his own clan called #SeX. He then informs me that he has even recruited about 6 |DPG| to come join him. This upseted me, but I wished him a nice fairwell. However, I was indeed upset that he took a few of our guys along with him. #SeX would only last 2 months and then the others who quit would end up wanting to rejoin |DPG|. I then denied them all.

    Late June, 2002 - Dachande has been AWOL. Will Fix seeks new plans for |DPG| - By Maximus

    Dachande is nowhere to be reached and even when I try calling him nobody answers or his line is completely busy due to him being on dial up. On top of this he is not answering his emails. He has literally been AWOL or MIA since he recruited Omaha. With Foot being gone Will Fix sees that I need some help running |DPG|. He then applies to the position of 1*General realizing that he has big shoes to fill with Foot's depature. I then promote Will Fix to 1*General. Soon after he is promoted he mentions to me that too many people seem to be cussing up a storm in our server and too many |DPG| seem to drop F bombs left and right. We then have at talk on our Roger Wilco server and he informs me that he really thinks I should completely steer |DPG| into a much more family friendly type of clan. I then informed him that if I went ahead and did this that it may indeed upset a lot of members. He then informed me that out of the 100+ members it seemed as though over half of them seemed to be complete *******s. I agree with him and inform him that I will go ahead and send out the new |DPG| Newsletter to everyone informing them of this.

    Early July, 2002 - MUTINY! - By Maximus

    I end up not receiving any negative replies from the |DPG| Newsletter that I emailed to the clan informing them of the new changes and new rules brought forward by Will Fix. To be honest I was shocked at the time, but thought that maybe everyone else read it as a nice change to |DPG|. A week had gone by and people in game and on AIM seemed to be cool with this. Then, out of nowhere after the 4th of July Independence Day Weekend Dachande all of the sudden shows up with a massive reply to EVERYONE in |DPG|. He informs everyone that he was in a motorcycle accident that left him without the ability to use his hands and arms and that his phone and internet were shut off during this time. He becomes so outraged of what he has heard in the |DPG| News that he ends up completely flipping the DPG logo on our website that he hosted upside down signifying that everything got turned upside down because of Will Fix. His email even informs everyone of his feelings towards Will Fix and that Will Fix ruined |DPG| because of the new rules of no cussing. Dachande then informs everyone that he has made a new clan called the [CC] The Canyon Crowes and that his new co-leader is Vlad and that they are officially the Anti |DPG| clan of the world! Within 24-48 hours later I receive over 60 emails from all sorts of active, and inactive |DPG| informing me that they have decided to leave |DPG|. I then even receive a really nasty one that was sent to everyone from Crabbit informing everyone that he thinks Will Fix is basically a total idiot and a complete ******* for what he did to |DPG|. Crabbit then informs everyone that he will not join [CC], but urges everyone to quit |DPG|. At this time |DPG| had over 120 members. After all of this happened we had about 50 with about 25 active. It was now time for a new era of |DPG|. One in which everyone knew before they were recruited what the rules were and why we had them in tact. It was now the era of Will Fix. [CC] lasted one month with only Dachande and Vlad as its sole members.

    I then promote Raptor to 3*General and Will Fix to 2*General. Will Fix then promotes a kid by the name of Slash to 1*General.

    Mid July, 2002 - |DPG| joins Clanbase and wins its first match! - By Maximus

    Shortly after the events of Dachande, Vlad, and Crabbit. I remembered that Vlad wanted me to join Clanbase a while back. With our pub server still doing very well I got a lot of requests from the guys to have us join Clanbase. We then had our first match against a clan called |Wolfpack| which later on we would end up being allies with for a short period of time. Here is a screenshot of the score:

    It was a 10v10 TDM match. The screenshot above doesn't show everyone though. Later on we would focus on doing Obj/Round Based Matches.

    Early September 2002 - The Dead Pool is no longer ours... - By Maximus

    Out of nowhere the owner/main admin of The Dead Pool MOHAA server comes back. He calls himself Chino (who lives in Chino, CA ironically) and is clanless. I then invite him to join |DPG|. I inform him that over the many months he was gone that we |DPG| helped make his server one of the top ranked MOHAA servers and kept it populated for him. This means jack squat to him and he thanks us all by removing the voting feature from his server stating that its not our server and is his. Even our regulars try to convince him to leave at least the call vote option on since he didn't want to give us rcon. Chino then tells all |DPG| as well as all of our regulars that if we dont like it to play elsewhere. As a result we all choose to do exactly that. The problem then becomes very clear... with no place to call home |DPG| faces dying. Within a few days I already lose 30+ members. I now only have about 25. Out of the 25 I have they stick with DPG, but are also frustrated that all I can provide to them at the time is my other computer on a dedicated connection at 10 slots. This means over half of the clan has to play elsewhere to play. Will Fix then urges me to find a GSP (Game Server Provider), but I inform him that they are very expensive and I really cannot afford it. After 2 more days of searching for a good deal I find one. Its a 20 slot server for $60 a month. Nobody offers to help donate, not even Will Fix, but I knew if I did not get us a server |DPG| would die and I loved |DPG| alot during this time and wanted to make something much more out of it.

    I then inform our current members of the new server informing them that a 32 slot would be completely out of my budget, but a 20 slot I could afford. They completely understand and as a result we have no problem at all keeping our server packed with |DPG| members. We ended up keeping this server until the beginning of 2003. We even kept it at 20 slots even after new recruits and current members started donating. People liked the idea that at all times at least 15 |DPG| were on. It made it a lot more easier to recruit because it made us look even more active then we were to the average Joe. Here is a screenshot of when we had 15 people on during those days:

    As you can see we had a total of 19 on there. 15 were |DPG| and 4 pubs out of the 20 total slots. Great times! Always had |DPG| on! This server was located in Houston Texas.

    Late September, 2002 - The Recruitment of Reglar - By Maximus

    Will Fix recruits a guy who goes by the name of Reglar. Will Fix informs me that Reglar is a guy in his 40s like himself who he thinks will bring a lot to the table for |DPG| competively for MOHAA. I later on end up speaking with Reglar on Roger Wilco and he seems to be a very fun, mature guy to play with.

    November 22nd, 2002 - Reglar becomes a Gen. - By Maximus

    In my last news article of our old site www.dpgclan.50megs.com I inform everyone that I am looking for a new leader of D-3 (Division 3 of DPG. Back then we had divisions). I end up promoting Will Fix to 4*General of |DPG|. He ends up being the new co-leader. I also promote Slash to 2*General and shortly after end up getting an application from Reglar to become the new leader of D-3. I then approve his application and he becomes a 1*General in |DPG|. Reglar would then rule as D-3 General for the next 6 - 8 months before resigning his position due to work and personals reasons.


    Early January 2003 - DPG gets a new website - By Maximus

    HaZe who has moved from the US to the UK for the time being volunteers to get us a website, and decides to be our exclusive web developer for the time being.

    www.thadpg.com is born! Say goodbye to the abandoned www.dpgclan.50megs.com

    If your curious to see what thadpg.com use to look like over the years click on this link:


    January 23rd, 2003 - DPG celebrates its 1 year anniversary! - By Maximus

    Most MOHAA clans at this time had dissolved in 3 - 6 months so when we had a large showing of about 40+ members for this event we were quite happy.

    Summer 2003 - A Full Fledged Canadian Division! - By Maximus

    By the Summer of 2003 we had over 10 active members from Canada. Members like, Blitz, Tyler Durden, and most notably Sneaky Pete!

    To acknowledge our Canadian division, members like Sneaky Pete would wear a tag like this for instance:


    Mid Summer 2003 - [12thFSD] become DPG's first allied clan - By Maximus

    Sometime during the middle of summer of 2003 a couple of guys one who's name is [12thFSD]Asterix, and the other who's name is [12thFSD]Obelix come to our |DPG| Sniper Valley 24/7 server where myself, and Meister were playing.

    Meister, and I then become friends with these guys, and as time went on we became allies. In fact at one point during the MOHAA, and even vCoD era we had our server name as:

    |DPG| & [12thFSD] Allies United

    The most popular of the servers was in the summer of 2003 when we hosted a popular mod for MOHAA called, HiTP (Hell in The Pacific).

    The nice thing was [12thFSD] had similar rules, and their members had personalities a lot like DPG's even though they lives all the way over in The Netherlands.

    They too even had their servers as:

    [12thFSD] & |DPG| Allies United over in Europe.

    As time went on Asterix had to step down his leadership position from [12thFSD], but a new person came on board by the name of [12thFSD]Gunner. Gunner would keep [12thFSD] running for about 1 - 2 more years before their clan ran its course.

    Once in a while you can see Gunner on our forums, on our CoD4 TDM server, and once in a great while on our TS.

    Gunner has donated, and supported DPG over these many years, and will always be held as a true ally to DPG from now, and forever.

    Fall 2003 - Will Fix goes M.I.A FOREVER - By Maximus

    He doesn't officially step down, but after going completely M.I.A since the summer due to personal reasons its safe to say that Will Fix won't be around much gaming wise. Unfortunately, after MOHAA Will Fix becomes completely M.I.A. for the ENTIRE time thereon.

    Early October 2003 - Maximus meets Omaha & the creation of the first DPG server box
    - by Maximus

    Omaha calls me up to inform me that he will be going to a wedding for a close friend of his who lives in Las Vegas, but will have 4 days in between that time in which he can drive down from Vegas to Phoenix to hang out.

    He gets to Phoenix late at night so we pick up DoGGiE to go eat at Filabertos since they are open all night long!

    The next day Omaha, and I go to see Joe Rogan do stand up comedy at the Tempe Improv, and the day after that I take both Omaha, and Doggie to go see the Matrix sequel at the IMAX.

    During Omaha's last day in Phoenix we go to Emerald Computers, and customize the first DPG server box from some spare parts he has along with some upgrades that I end up buying for the clan.

    The specs were:

    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ overclocked to 2800
    2GB of DDR PC 3200
    80 GB of HDD space

    We did this for the time being since we were tired of renting per slot from game hosting providers. During this time I was completely new to the world of colocation, and we ended up moving to a total of 5 different hosts!

    This would end up being the server box for DPG until April of 2007.

    October 29th, 2003 - DPG Expands into Call of Duty - By Maximus

    After going almost 2 years without a new game DPG is dying for a new one! With high anticipation that this will be a true sequel to MOHAA the hype, and excitement is overwhelming.

    After the game soon comes out about half of the clan is quite disappointed! A lot are too accustomed to the beloved static crosshairs of MOHAA, and are in love with the feel of the game compared to the now new Call of Duty with its iron sights when you zoom in.

    The end result is we again lose about half of our active members during the transition. Unlike now days where we own our own server box where we can host as much servers as we want for as many games as we want, back then we had a limited budget. We had to choose one game or the other, and since CoD was now getting more popular than MOHAA it only made sense to go with the new game even though this new game wasn't a true sequel to MOHAA by any stretch of the imagination.

    December 13th, 2003 - |DPG|Felon Murdered - By Maximus

    Christopher Postma aka |DPG|Felon was murdered after leaving a sports bar in Montgomery Alabama. Shortly before the time of his murder he was inside a local sports bar when a woman was being harassed by another person. Felon then stepped in and told the guy to basically knock it off. The guy didn't take what Felon had to say lightly and the two ended up fighting in the sports bar. Both were then kicked out of the sports bar, and as Felon walked out of the sports bar he was shot down in cold blood.

    However, as with everything there is a another side to the story:


    Apparently, Chris didn't just walk out the door, and get shot in cold blood. He went after
    after Jason Barko, and Jason killed Chris which led to Jason only getting a 2 year sentence after he pleaded guilty.

    I have to admit that when I first read this news of this other person who I didn't know I was shocked. The Chris I knew online didn't seem to be a person who used cocaine as so the article puts it.

    Instead of me changing my mind about Chris I choose to remember Chris as I knew him online. I choose to remember the best part of him, and that was a fun loving guy who enjoyed playing MOHAA, and briefly CoD with his fellow clansmen. Its just sad that his life had to end so short at the age of 21.

    I first learned of this story from |DPG|Omaha, and didn't believe him. I then called the local Montgomery Alabama police department and spoke with a homicide detective who confirmed everything I had heard.

    Christopher Postma aka |DPG|Felon and I were very good online friends. In fact 2 weeks before his murder we had talked on the phone, and one of the things he was excited about was that he learned that he was going to be transferred to Luke Airforce Base here in the Phoenix area. He was also looking forward to meeting me, and having me meet his 4 year old daughter named Raven who he was a single father of.

    I truly believe that Felon would of been one of those members who would of stuck around in DPG after all of these years. In fact, he probably would of been a member of leadership.

    Till this day I still wonder what would of been if he had of lived.

    Chris was a member of the USMC, and did a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

    R.I.P Christopher Postma you will never be forgotten!


    Early January 2004 - Reglar Resigns - By Maximus

    Due to losing 80% of his OGL team that competes weekly in league and ladder play for MOHAA, Reglar decides to resign his positiion as 4*General and Co-Leader of DPG.

    Unfortunately, soon after he would never play for DPG again due to work, and then later on his loss of interest in FPS games, and his new interest in MMORPGs.

    Reglar was a good leader, and is still missed.

    January 23rd, 2004 - DPG celebrates 2 years - By Maximus

    By the time of our 2nd year anniversary DPG has made up for its losses from expanding into Call of Duty. Even people who disappeared because they were not wild on CoD, and more addicted to MOHAA ended up missing the fun of playing with their fellow friends. The event begins on a Saturday morning, and ends late night on a Sunday night. We celebrate with inner clan scrims, rank tests (a simulation of a worst case scenario in a scrim. Basically its a 5 v 1 on S&D), and we end up doing it in both MOHAA, and CoD!

    Needless to say it was a night to remember!

    May 2004 - The Odd Discovery of Bojangles - By Maximus

    Sometime during May of 2004 DPG had a colocation in Phoenix at the time. This gave great pings for everyone in Phoenix, and L.A, and that was pretty much it! For w/e reason the route from the midwest to the east coast was absolutely horrible to Phoenix, but what can I say? I was new to this sort of thing.

    Well... while people were playing on our CoD server I noticed 1 person on our Phoenix MOHAA server, and believe it or not that one person would end up being Bojangles!

    I noticed him in our server all alone, and thought why on earth would somebody like him play all alone on our server? As I connected it became obvious that he was a local Phoenix player, and loved his low ping of 20, and was hoping that more people would connect to play.

    I then informed him that I too lived in Phoenix, and for the next few days to about a week we would play on our MOHAA server every so often even though it was just him, and I and maybe a couple of other people.

    As time would go by in the next week or so I asked him to come on our TS server, and we hit it off pretty well. After getting to know him better one of our Generals at the time by the name of |DPG|RuBBeRbuLLeTZ recruited Bojangles. RubberBulletz for w/e reason shortly disappeared to only be seen at random once every few years.

    Bojangles was recruited on June 24, 2004 and has been active in DPG ever since!

    July 2004 - DPG barely surviving - By Maximus

    By mid summer of 2004 DPG has saw close to all of its members come, and go. The only members who remain are literally a handful of loyal members who actively play CoD, and the new World of Warcraft game that was currently in beta.

    For the entire summer the most notable people you would see on TS were myself, Bojangles, Sneaky Pete, Synester (OMG... don't ask LOL), Mishap, Folk, Vash, Yoshara, Acetv, and Nalepka.

    Due to the lack of members, and donations I was forced to temporarily have our server box hosted for a couple of months at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff Arizona where my close friend |DPG|BullWohl was staying at his dorm. His dorm room had a very good connection. In fact it was a T3 line which was better than what we were paying close to $200 a month for at the time.

    Well as time passed network administrators at NAU caught on to the only popular server DPG was hosting which was a Battlfield Vietnam server, and quickly put a firewall blocking that port because it was raping their monthly allowed bandwith.

    Basically, my trip up to NAU, and my time invested was wasted only after a month and a half of having it hosted up there, but I was greatful that BullWohl was able to host it for DPG for free.

    In the mean time, it was back to square one with where to host this machine, and for a low price, but where?!

    After searching all over the internet, I came across a company called Atjeu which had their colocation services partnered with Cybertrails which was a local datacenter here in the Phoenix area. At this time Bojangles, and I still wanted to keep things in Phoenix, but the problem was it still only provided good pings for Phoenix, and L.A, but man it was awesome owning everyone with our kar-98k rifles on Brecourt, and Hurtgen in vCoD.

    Atjeu at the time seemed like the right choice for us. It was only $99 a month after the $150 setup fee, but the problem was in order to get that rate we had to sign up for a 1 year contract.

    So in the meantime, DPG made the best of what we had, and we basically ran a 28 man CoD server along with a 20 man private CoD server for scrims, and clan matches in which we competed actively on a European based competition ladder site known as, "Clanbase". We also ran a public MOHAA server, and a public Battlefield Vietnam server.

    As time went on we slowly managed to survive, and get recruits again, but mainly at random on our unpopular CoD server, and then later on for competition purposes Clanbase.

    So when times get crazy in DPG, and when there is drama I always think back to the times in which we only had a handful of guys, and count my blessings.

    Late July 2004 - |DPG| Portuguese Division - By Maximus

    Out of nowhere I am informed by |DPG|Lunatic-PT (PT stands for Portuguese) who informs me that he is still inactive studying on a remote island in the Atlantic off the Portuguese coast called, "Azores". However, he has some good news for me, and that is we have a Portuguese division of |DPG| that I have never heard of, and that he promises that all of these guys represent everything that DPG was founded on, and will be a great addition to the US, and CDN divisions.

    At first I don't know what to think of it, but it doesn't matter because what has been done is done!

    He then informs me that they no longer can afford their own TS, and that for w/e reason TS hosting in Portugal is very expensive, and was wondering if they could use ours. I then informed him that of course they can use our TS! They are DPG!

    They then all come on TS, and people like myself, Bojangles, and a few others were amazed when we saw that we were no longer the most active division of DPG. To our amazement we saw about 20 |DPG|PT members led by |DPG|Alvega-PT, and |DPG|Lo0ny-PT. There was even a girl who wasn't apart of leadership, but her name was |DPG|Elend-PT.

    Portugal was about 9 hours ahead of Phoenix time, and I will never forget being up early on a Saturday morning finding out that they were short 2 people for a MOHAA match. I ended up calling Bojangles at about 9 AM or so waking him up asking him if he would play in a clanbase Portuguse ladder match in which after he yawned and wiped out his eyes he was ready, willing, and able!

    The |DPG| Portuguse Division would only last about 1 more year mainly because a lot of those guys simply couldn't afford to upgrade their PCs, but I can honestly say that I do miss those guys even though only a handful of them could speak English! LOL

    Early Fall 2004 - Bojangles Selected as new Co-Leader - By Maximus

    Sometime during the early fall of 2004 I realize that I am in dyer need of somebody to equally take on the responsibilities of being a clan leader, and to help out with the day to day tasks of doing so. After being good online friends with Bojangles, and meeting him in person at an Emerald Computers LAN party. I decide that with how active he is, and how he too wants to see DPG improve, and do better that he would be the perfect fit for 4*General, and Co-Leader of DPG.

    After all of these years Bojangles has been Co-Leader of DPG, and hopefully it stays that way!

    He has been the longest serving Co-Leader in DPG history, and I can honestly say that without Bojangles DPG would not still be here today as we know it.

    Shortly after taking his position Bojangles introduced our very own forums. Before then we had a free one that Meister, and Omaha ran which wasn't bad, but Bojangles took our forums to the next level, and then from there took our entire website, and all the ways about structure, and organization to the next level.

    During this time DPG was progressing, and people in the CoD community saw that we are taking things more seriously, and in a more professional manner. This helped out a lot especially when looking back at the times of when we only had a handful of guys left back in the summer of 2004.

    October 2004 - DPG switches from AIM to Xfire - By Maximus

    One of our members at the time who's name I cannot remember unfortunately informs Bojangles, and myself that DPG should take a serious look into Xfire since Xfire has everything that DPG is looking for.

    After taking a serious look into it, and realizing that Xfire is basically the instant messenger for gamers we then completely switch over to Xfire, and leave AIM behind for good in which even till this day we still use Xfire.


    January 23rd, 2005 - DPG turns 3 years old! - By Maximus

    I can actually remember this 3 year anniversary event quite well to be honest. The thing that stood out the most was that we had 3 clans who were friends of DPG who we knew from Clanbase, and CAL who we invited. I had recently learned of a custom mod that allowed for a crazy version of 4 clans all playing eachother on one server for the HQ gametype. It was quite fun to be honest.

    Anyways, in good ol' vCoD there was 4 different countries. There were the Americans, British, Russians, and Germans.

    So for one of the events during the 3 year anniversary we had DPG on Americans for instance, OstFront clan on Germans, [SSRangers] on British, and some other clan on Russians.

    As the event started it was literally a scrim to a sense, but instead of scrimmaging one clan like you would normally do in CoD4 in ProMod for S&D for instance, instead your playing HeadQuarters gametype, and against 3 other clans trying to hold a headqauarters!

    Needless to say it worked out well, and was a ton of fun! We had 10 DPG vs 10 Ost Front, vs 10 SS Rangers, vs 10 of whoever the last clan was.

    It was just one of our few events of the 3 year anniversary, but again it was a ton of fun, and very memorable!

    Info on that old event is archived here:

    Please don't necro the thread!

    Spring 2005 - {S.O.W.} Becomes new allied clan
    - By Maximus

    After many months of clan matches on Clanbase on the N.American ladders we have become good friends with a clan by the name of {S.O.W.} Saints of War.

    Roughly a year or more later after not having much going on over at the {S.O.W.} camp about 5 of there members decide to come on over to DPG not because of bad relations with SOW, but because their clan was dying.

    |DPG| acquired notable names like Affliction, his younger brother Unique, ComradeJeff, and ZeroData who still remains DPG's youngest member at the age of 16! He was 9 when he was recruited and was grandfathered into DPG before the 18 and up rule was put into effect!

    June 10th, 2005 - Battlefield 2 MP Demo is released
    - By Maximus

    After hearing that the retail version of Battlefield 2 will be a modern warfare themed game completely based off of the very popular Desert Combat mod for BF1942 everyone in DPG can't wait to try this out.

    We all give it a shot, and become instantly hooked!

    Towards the end of the month the retail version is released, and then we all end up getting the game.

    Fun stuff!

    July 2005 - 24/7 Gulf of Oman Server for BF2 - By Maximus

    After the retail release of BF2 most of us have had our chance to pub it up, and get use to this amazing game. Now it is the time to start a server.

    We try running most maps, but it doesn't work out. I then decide to make the server 24/7 Gulf of Oman, and within a few days it becomes a huge hit! So much of a huge hit that this server becomes our 2nd all-time most popular server in the entire existence of DPG!

    This server also brought in members who were recruited into DPG like Reed (Yoshara's dad who is a long missed member and responsible for most of the things that were administered on our BF2 servers. He also paid for most of the server rent for our BF2 servers at the time when DPG had a budget of over $550 a month!), Caneman13, Remedy, and Apples22!

    When these guys joined DPG they remembered it as a BF2 clan. Boy how things change over the years!

    Fall 2005 - 24/7 Jalalabad Infantry Only BF2 Server - By Maximus

    Unlike our 32 man BF2 server which features all vehicles, this server is a 64 player server and is infantry only!

    To date this was DPG's #1 most popular server in the entire existance of our clan. During the time from the summer of 2005 - 2006 we had an insane amount of traffic not only on our two BF2 servers, but on our website as well.

    If you think you see too many ban appeals, and complaints now just go to any thread from 2005 - 2006, and I will guarantee you half of them were BF2 related.

    Our 24/7 Jalalabad server was so popular that it was the #1 ranked server on game-monitor.com, and gametracker.com in the entire world for months on end, and during a time in which BF2 had over 10,000 servers worldwide!

    This was quite an accomplishment for DPG, and if you ever see Caneman on TS where is a full moon out just ask him about this server. I am sure he will be more than proud to brag about all the good times we had.

    We miss you Caneman!