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Awards: DPG CoD4 League Participation

DPG CoD4 League Participation

This award is given to those who participate in a DPG CoD4 League.

Members who received this award: 53
, Folk, Max][mu$, Vash, MISTERoldShadow, remedy, Unique, HiLLbiLLy, Mordecai, Hottie, Thunderbolt, LethalXtc, Devotion, Vengeance, Studdmuffin, st_mu69, Sharpysharp, [_$_(1)_$_], d1rty, $W33TDR3AM$, SquishyYoshi, Gefecht, Bones4War, Kahne, Mad-Limey, fangs, Xeno, cptcrunch, Azreal, piss ant, Kryoxide, Leuchtend, Arbo, Miles, RodimusPrime, Ryth, Martian, Nos!, InFLicTioN, DeviL, Chili.DTW, SpectralK, RcHE, McGregor, 50CALIBER, D!M3YPOO, SrReyes, AndrewRyan, ap1, skyyline005, Angel, LunA, TToasty
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