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Awards: Interclan Tournament Participation

Interclan Tournament Participation

This ribbon is given to those who participate in a DPG Interclan tournament.

Members who received this award: 71
, Bojangles, Folk, NoToRiOuS NBK, Nalepka, Raptor, Max][mu$, Vash, QuezaCotl, SharpShooter, P_man, Stumpy, tehkiler, PreDatoR, Starsky, Virus, Zorc, ZeroData, ComradeJeff, Zappatado, Apocalypse911, Goose, tybo2010, MISTERoldShadow, Lotus, Moving Target, Monkeyz, caneman13, Lethal, MrTwig, avroarrow71, PurpleHaze, Jun[e], Staples, Maverick, biogenecis, Hayden, remedy, AzNH4G0, Cha0s, relarz, twmbly, afflicti0n, Unique, spikes_18, ^^66Hellfire, Loki, SabeR, rubioso, Wolf, Bunny, Zero, veteran, band1t, PanTeRa, kRD, Anubis, prism, HiLLbiLLy, pwnage, BlinkEffect, Nova, Mordecai, s6x_-, Teh_Clwn, LawDog08, trumpet, BigTary, Dv8, justy*dynex, Theredeemer
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