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DesertBash 8.0

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The DPG guys all met up and we had a blast at DesertBash 8.0! Here's some pictures from the all the events that we had.
  1. Remedy eating his new Core i7 965 Extreme Processor.
  2. The spoils of war!
  3. Mordecai's trophy for winning the LED fan stacking contest.  The tiebreaker was guessing how many fans were used for the building contest.. we all...
  4. Gamer (Paul) building up the Memory Hawgz on top of his PC.  Gamer has 5.5TB of hard drive space.......... yah.
  5. Easily the best PC case at Desertbash.  This guy had amazing water cooling and everything was perfect inside his case.
  6. Easily the worst PC case at Desertbash.  A cardbox box... and a static baggy as the motherboard holder.  lol.  This guy was in the row next to us.
  7. Pizza time!  Look at all the pizza boxes they are hauling off... I swear they had like 150 pizzas.
  8. Stumpy's awesome orange case!  Nice job!  Some girl tried to buy it from him for $15, lol.  Then some drunk guy tried to buy it for $25.. as long as...
  9. A little blurry.. but me, Raptor, Stumpy, Lethal and Mordecai participated in this LED Fan building contest.  We had 1 minute to try to stack LED...
  10. The view from our seats, facing the entrance from the registration area.  They had 8 xbox 360's setup with LCD TVs to play the new Street Fighter,...
  11. The stuff going on over on the side.  They had a Dust Off tent to clean your PC for free, along with nVidia and ASUS PCs/Laptops setup for you to...
  12. The view down our row.  Stumpy, Lethal and Remedy are setting up their stuff.
  13. Another shot of the stage.
  14. Some of the prizes!  Graphics cards, CPU Fans, keyboard, mice, Intel processors, cases, and much much more.
  15. Lethal sleeping like a baby.. on a bed of pillows.
  16. Mordecai arrived Friday night.. and got some amazing rest on my floor.
  17. Mordy's hot ride.  His side view mirror is about 2/3 the size of the holder for it and he has some awesome dried leaves for fragrance.  I guess this...
  18. Waiting in line to register at Desertbash.  ***NERD ALERT***
  19. We were early to arrive, so we got to setup without people being in our way.  There's the main stage with all the prizes setup.
  20. On Friday night, we went out to Jumbo Buffet in Southwest Phoenix.  Here's Chaos' massive plate of.. American food (at a Chinese buffet)!
  21. Max's massive plate of Coconut Shrimp and Lo Mein at Jumbo Buffet.
  22. Remedy looking really really creepy.. late on Friday night.. after many, many drinks.
  23. Saturday morning, the day of Desertbash!  Wake up everyone!  This is how they slept at my place.
  24. Remedy and Stumpy, on my pull out bed.. the same one that Quez used when he visited here.
  25. After coming back from the Grand Canyon, we hung out at my place again, playing some console games.
  26. Needed to prove to Hottie that I had taken my action figures down from my ledge ;p
  27. Later on Thursday night, Amen316 came over to hang out!  Amy also came over to hang out.  Remedy is enjoying some Chen Wok.
  28. Friday was basically a hangout day.. Chaos showed up and hung out as well.
  29. More console gaming.
  30. Raptor, Lethal, Remedy, Maximus and Stumpy.
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