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Green Bay '08

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Went to with my parents to see the Packers play the Colts on 10/19/08 at Lambeau Field!
  1. Took this from about the same spot as I did before the game.. the people are still there partying! I love Green Bay!
  2. View from our seats of the field.. there seriously isn't a bad seat in the entire stadium.
  3. This guy had an awesome costume.. cheesehead with a cheese grader on top... saw him after the game walking around lol.. he looked sad :(.
  4. And.. the Packers take the field!
  5. TD Packers!
  6. Packers win, yay!  34-14.  2 INT for TD's on Manning.. those were awesome, everyone was going crazy.
  7. Colts fans at the Tailgate party.... argh!
  8. Oh hey look.. a... giant Miller Lite bottle... wth?
  9. Free Screwdrivers, Bratwurst and Hamburgers at the Tailgate party.. o.O
  10. Walking to the stadium after the Tailgate party.. look at the sea of people headin there.. geez.
  11. A look back at the tailgaters in front of Lambeau Field.. holy crap.. parking lot was full of people with SUVs, Vans, Buses and.. SWAT vehicles? lol....
  12. Oh look who it is!  Caneman lookin sharp at Stadium view ;).  MIA is Scout.. who is locked in Caneman's pickup, lol.
  13. Lambeau Field on gameday.. before the tailgaters have started to setup.  We hit up the Pro Shop about 5 hours before the game, just to make sure we...
  14. Awww... a cute pink Favre jersey for that special lady in your life... or Vash.
  15. Gameday gear: Greg Jennings Jersey, Packers long sleeve shirt and Packers hat.. yahhhhhh.
  16. Waiting in life for the Tailgate party at Brett Favre's Steakhouse.
  17. Reppin' the Charles Woodson jersey
  18. Our Tour Guide.. nice guy ;p
  19. Our Lambeau Field Tour took us into one of the luxury boxes.. wow what an incredible view.
  20. The Tour also got us onto the field level.. freakin awesome!
  21. Show me the hardware son!  These were inside the Packers Hall of Fame.
  22. A log cabin in the Atrium.. what? lol
  23. The Packers Pro Shop.. heaven for any Packers fan!
  24. Saint Vincent Lombardi.. ah what a legend.
  25. Curly Lambeau is pointing to the team shop saying.. "Go buy Packers stuff and support this brand new Atrium!"
  26. Inside Curley's Pub, upstairs in the Atrium.  We had lunch there on Saturday.. awesome place.  Pub Chips (liked friend potato chips) were great. ...
  27. The hustle and bustle of the Milwaukee airport at 9pm.
  28. View of Lambeau Field from the parking lot of our hotel.
  29. The indoor pool of our wonderful hotel, Best Western, lol.
  30. Stadium View, the Sports Bar that Caneman and I shared a meal at on Saturday night.
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